Thursday, September 30, 2010

Speedy Supper

What do you whip up for dinner when you're short on time and have a mile-long to-do list?

Flatbread pizzas!

Typically, I make homemade pizza at the speed of most things I create in the kitchen: slow as a turtle. I make speedy cooks cringe. I adore the dough-making process, I love mounding every veggie in the fridge on top, and I crave whatever random combination of cheeses cover the top (Gorgonzola anyone?).

But today, it just wasn't happening. With a major event at my work this weekend (we're hosting a former "Biggest Loser" contestant!), and company arriving tomorrow (Adam's parents are visiting for the weekend), I knew a night of warp-speed cleaning and baking was in store.

The quick fix? Whole wheat flatbreads topped with chunky marinara sauce, mozzarella, Gorgonzola, veggies, garlic, and a sprinkling of seasoning.

Tonight's repast may not be a culinary masterpiece, but it sure did hit the spot. And left me plenty of time scrub the baseboards and bake some muffins :)

What's your favorite meal to make when you're short on time?

Flatbread Pizzas
(A Hungry Spoon recipe)

This recipe speaks for itself--you're on easy street with quick n' simple preparation. The longest part of the process? Heating up the oven :)

  • Whole wheat flat breads
  • Marinara sauce (or pesto)
  • Veggies of your choice, chopped (we used green bell pepper, onion, tomato, and spinach)
  • Cheese of your choice (we used Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, and Parmesan)
  • A few cloves of garlic, minced (if you're really time-crunched, just sprinkle some garlic powder on top!)
  • Italian seasoning

1) Heat oven to 400 degrees.

2) Spoon marinara over each flatbread. Sprinkle cheese on top. Top with a big ol' mound of your chopped veggies. Sprinkle with garlic and Italian seasoning.

3) Place flatbreads on a greased cookie sheet and bake for minutes, or until heated through and cheese has melted. Serve with extra marinara for dipping.

4) Eat. Enjoy. Now move on to the next item on your to-do list!


  1. i love pizza! i used tortilla to make pizza! i gotta try the flat bread!

    btw, i made sloppy joe tonight and it was so good!

  2. Haha, I am the same way about sometimes taking foreverrr to make my food "decorative". But in the end, it all tastes the same going down. (That's what she said...)

  3. Ahh, I haven't made pizza in ages! Great idea to use flatbread for the crust. Less work than making it, but much better than the tube stuff. :) My quick thing is to make bean and cheese tacos...not very glamorous, but they hit the spot!

  4. Pizza is always my go-to meal on a busy night. Yours looks delicious! PS, I've got a giveaway going on that I think you might be interested in :) Stop by and check it out!

  5. Pizzas are ALWAYS good no matter how fast you need to make and inhale them!

  6. Those look really good! To make a quick pizza I use whole wheat pitas.

    My favorite quick go-to meal is eggs/toast. I always have those ingredients and it is super easy to throw together!

  7. Yum! My favorite fast food is scrambled eggs and wilted spinach.

  8. We do the same thing for quick dinners. In fact, it may just be dinner tonight!

  9. what a great idea for a quick and delicious meal!

  10. pizza is definitely my favourite night of the week, i highly recommend roasted pumpkin pizza. the sweet and salty combination just go so well together! :)

  11. Oh pizza. Love of my life (dont tell my hubby ok?)
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  12. breakfast food or paninis are great when i'm in a rush! plus no recipes are really needed so my husband can easily help :)